Saturday Morning Group Rides

Ride the beautiful countryside east of the metroplex!

START LOCATION FOR ROAD RIDES: Unless noted otherwise, road rides leave from the Store. Meet in the Rockwall Crossing parking lot in front of the store. Everyone will roll out together, around halfway out the faster group will ramp up the pace and let everyone settle into their pace group. The fast group will do between 33 and 60 miles depending on what they want to do. The Fitness group will regroup at the turn around and ride back in together. There are ride leaders depending upon your pace (19-20mph and 16-17mph).

19-21 mph average
Departs 7:30 AM

16-17 mph average
Departs 7:30 AM

WORKOUT DISCLAIMER:  Each athlete is responsible for his or her own safety during any of our workouts taking place from any of the Rockwall Cycling locations.  Rockwall Cycling assumes no responsibility for accidents that could happen.

WEATHER:  Rides are on unless it is raining. Check out the weather forecast here.  

ROUTES: Rides are typically on the Rockwall South Ride.  Depending on the turn-out, we sometimes head out on our North Ride. Both routes offer several distance options and regroup points for no-drop groups.

Rockwall South Ride: This out-and-back ride drops through east Rockwall before heading out of town and features some great rolling hills as you head east on Texas FM-550 before turning back.

Rockwall North Ride: Mixing things up a little, this ride leaves the shop and heads north away from Rockwall on John King Boulevard with a good mix of flats and rolling hills to get a great ride.


IMPORTANT NOTES:  Road rides are for Road Bikes Only. Tri/Time-trial Bikes are welcome, but riders should avoid riding in aerobars unless pulling the group or separated from the group. Mountain/Cruisers/Hybrids will have difficulty staying on even the "no drop" ride, as well as anyone on a road bike who is unable to maintain a 15 mph average. If enough MTB/Cruiser/Hybrid riders are interested, we will try to organize a separate ride leaving 5 minutes following the regular rides. 

More Important Notes: Always wear a helmet. Drink and bring plenty of fluids. Dress for the weather conditions. Do not ride while impaired by drugs or alcohol. Do not ride if not recommended by your medical provider. Bring a cell phone and tools to change a flat or minor repair if necessary. 

Even More Important Notes: Routes are on open roads with vehicular traffic. Observe all road safety laws, stay as far right as possible, ride single file when possible, and beware of cars and the occassional dog. 

LOCAL ROADS YOU SHOULD AVOID RIDING ON: These roads have been marked as dangerous by the local riding community:

  • HWY 66 east from the Rockwall Square
  • FM 552 (Dalton) between 205 and 66
  • I-30 Service Roads, especially at sunrise or sunset (due to East to West travel and sun glare).

HELP IMPROVE YOUR LOCAL RIDING:  FM 549, FM 740, FM 552, FM 3092 (Horizon Rd), SH 276 and 66 are all scheduled to be widened in the coming years. Let your local officials know you want accommodations for bike and pedestrian traffic included in these road projects. Rockwall County Commissioner Lorie Grinnan has been a great advocate already for cyclists and pedestrians, but please show her and other local officials our support! Contact the Rockwall County Commissioners here to support these local projects.

Disclaimer & Assumption of Risk/Liability: While cycling is a recreational sport, there are inherent risks and dangers. All riders are responsible for their own safety during group rides, and assume any and all risks of injury, harm, medical conditions, or property damage. Riders are urged to wear protective gear (including helmets) and ride with caution and respect for others. Rockwall Cycling, LLC makes no representations or guarantees of any kind relating to safety or group rides. By participating in group rides, each rider (on behalf of him/herself and his/her family and heirs) voluntarily accepts any and all risks, assumes all liabilities, and waives and releases any and all damages against Rockwall Cycling, LLC or its owners, agents, employees, managers, or members. If you do not so agree, do not participate in group rides.

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