This Summer, Remember to Drink Up! by Playtri Coach Amari

It’s that time again… the heat and humidity are here to play. Let’s take a look at some of the what, why, when, and how’s of optimal hydration. (For the purpose of this article, please note, I am solely focusing on water consumption. This does not include electrolyte or salt/sodium consumption.)


WHAT- Hydration

Drinking water sounds simple, right? Wrong! How many times do you get busy at work, around the house, or doing errands and the logistics of your life and you look up and realize, “Crap, I haven’t had any water all day long!” Take that and double the distraction when we are out there training and racing. We forget the necessity of drinking water. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. From the moment we step out the door for a training session or race, we begin losing water. It is vital that you stay on top of your body and its need for water.



Did you know a simple 2% drop in weight can result in up to 20% performance potential of the day??? In other words, when we lose focus and neglect our hydration we stand in our own way, hindering our performance and recovery.



How often should I drink water OUTSIDE of training and racing??? I always recommend clients to NOT force water down their pipes. Many times as clients begin to take note and ‘read’ their bodies better, they find that drinking 6-8oz every hour that they are awake is actually easy to do. More importantly it is what their bodies need for optimal health, daily concentration, satiety, and recovery.


How often should I drink water DURING training and racing??? This all depends on the individual’s needs. A simple rule of thumb is every 12-15 minutes on the bike and roughly every mile on the run.



Carrying water can be tricky in training, but thanks to the array of products out there, we have no excuses.

On the bike, I always recommend an aero bottle, regardless of whether you are doing short or long course. Also consider adding 1-2 bottles extra on the frame but NOT behind the saddle. 

(In a previous article I elaborated on this concept) Consider doing a plank hold for 2min. Now sit up and reach behind you. You’re a bit a tight, right? Now think about being in aero formany minutes or hours, pumping those legs, maintaining focus on the road, and balancing the bike… Do you really want to sit up, slow down, balance the bike, watch the road, and try to reach around to grab that bottle? Is it really worth it? To me, no, but again it is always the athletes choice. Back to the bottle placement that I recommend. The aero bottle literally stares back at you the entire ride. She cannot be ignored, which is a constant reminder to drink, and drink often. During training the bottles on your bike can be used to easily refill your aero bottle as it runs low.


On the run, consider doing your run on a multiple loop course, carrying a hand held water bottle, or utilizing a hydration belt. This way you are able to drink consistently throughout the session. Both the hand held water bottles and hydration belts are now designed in many shapes and sizes that easily fit to your body and needs.


Now in racing however, we are many times ‘gifted’ with awesome race directors and volunteers to ensure we are well hydrated. 

On the bike, I always remind clients that for every 16oz bottle of fluid you have on your bike, you are adding roughly another pound (might I remind you that many of you paid to have your bike as light as possible, so don’t waste it!) In most long courses (70.3 and 140.6’s) aid stations are set up every 10-15 miles (always check the course maps for aid station details).  I always recommend a client simply fill their aero bottle on the bike and that’s it. Now there are exceptions, if you are anticipating taking longer than 45min-1hr and/or the heat and humidity are soaring that day, then yes, be on the safe side, carry that extra bottle on your frame to ensure you are properly hydrated.


As for the run, again how much do we love those volunteers for getting their happy butts out of bed to ensure we are having a great race?!? Aid stations are typically placed every 1 to 1.5 miles apart (again, check with the course maps or race director if you have questions about where and how many will be on the course). Regardless, use them!!! Normally these cups have about 2-4oz in each. If you need more or don’t want to hassle with the traffic of the station, carry your hand held bottle or put on that hydration belt and drink to your heart’s content (make sure you practice this in training as you want to ensure you are comfortable and accustomed to how it moves with you).



At Playtri our goal is to dial in a client’s hydration, sodium, and caloric needs in and out of training and racing. We can do this a couple ways:

A.   Resting Metabolic Rate & Caloric Testing

For more details about these services and testing specifics, please email

B.   Pre and Post Training/Racing Weight with detailed feedback of how often and how much was consumed on the bike and/or run.

Here is an easy way for you to start taking a more detailed look at your hydration needs.

1.      Take your weight, preferably naked, prior to leaving the house for your ride or run.

2.      Make sure you pay attention to not just simply how much you are drinking during the workout, but also when you start and how often you are drinking.

My suggestion is to start drinking from the very beginning of the workout and roughly every 12-15 minutes.

3.      Upon returning, weigh again to determine a loss or gain.

4.      If you have lost more than 2%, don't make the common mistake of simply adding more salt or calories. Rather determine if you kept to a regular schedule of drinking water and how much at each interval. If you were able to maintain this rhythm and still lost more than 2%, consider adding 2-4oz more at each 12-15 minute marker the next time you train. This is an easy 10-16 more ounces of water.

5.      The next time you head out, do the exact same thing. Get your starting weight, commit to a drinking schedule and amount per interval, and step on the scale upon returning.

Again, this is just one quick and easy way to dial in your hydration needs. If you need further direction or detail, please contact one of our Playtri coaches at to help determine your training and racing needs.

Here’s to staying hydrated and enjoying a great summer of training and racing!

Look Pedals



First invented over 30 years ago LOOK’s pedal technology has significantly marked the cycling industry’s past and continues to be geared for the future of the sport.

LOOK’s first-generation pédales automatiques were originally created by French ski binding specialists in the early 80s who noticed that pro cycling racers were still using the same toe-clip and strap system developed at the turn of the 20th century.

LOOK’s clipless pedals were launched in 1984, offering cyclists a much easier and smoother way to engage and release their bike pedals as well as maximize their power transfer efficiency. At first, the cycling industry was dubious about the pedals’ performance—that is, until Bernard Hinault, who had helped to design them, won his fifth Tour de France using the pedals in 1985.

Thirty years later, LOOK’s pedals have won the cycling world over. Today, sixteen UCI teams, including Movistar, Astana and AG2R La Mondiale, ride with LOOK pedals. Andre Greipel, otherwise known as Rostock Gorilla and one of the most powerful sprinters in the world, is LOOK’s newest spokesperson. In fact, LOOK features a KÉO BLADE CARBON PEDAL – ANDRE GREIPEL—a testament to the sprinter’s long-standing appreciation for LOOK pedals.

There are two main core innovations to LOOK pedals: their blade and carbon technologies.

Click here to learn more about LOOK’s sophisticated pedal technology.


LOOK’s blade technology uses a blade, rather than a traditional spring, which offers a wide range of benefits to cyclists:

· Because the blade flexes, cyclists’ feet get a firm hold on the pedal once clipped in. What’s more: the clip-out process is much smoother, releasing feet in one quick and safe movement.

· Thanks to the blade system and surrounding pedal design, LOOK pedals are extremely lightweight and ensure better load distribution.


LOOK takes its innovation a step further, fitting its LOOK’s KÉO Blade Carbon CR 

pedals with a carbon body and blade. The reasons? Carbon fibers offer exceptional stretching resistance and stiffness, which enable better power transfer. In addition, carbon can greatly lighten the pedal weight.


KÉO Blade Carbon CR pedals feature a pedal spindle with a very low stack height of 13 mm. They also use a needle-bearing cartridge for better stress resistance while pedaling and two spaced ball bearings that distribute the load and increase the rigidity of the spindle, guaranteeing unprecedented rotational speed. The pedals’ wide platform surfaces, which are covered with a 64 mm rigid stainless steel plate, further maximize cyclists’ power transfer.


LOOK’s pedals have garnered a worldwide following, with a long list of road, triathlon, track, MTB and criterium pro racers. For more information on the LOOK product line-up, visit:




Run, Bike, Swim, walk your dog/cat, CROSSFIT, any workout for 1hr daily over 10 days.

December 16, 2016 — December 25, 2016



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How to Plan Your Season and Maintain Work/Life Balance

Are you ready for a new training season?  January is the perfect time to plan your upcoming season.  Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a budding beginner, the first step is to identify your goals and commitments.  A common saying at Playtri is, “There is no such thing as a crazy goal, only crazy commitments.”  In order to thoroughly appreciate this statement, it is important to understand the difference between goals and commitments.  A goal is something you want to accomplish and a commitment refers to how much time, energy and resources you are willing to devote to accomplish your goal. Having clearly defined goals and commitments will enable you to prioritize your days in order to achieve work/life balance.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or complete an Ironman, family support will be an extremely important part of your success.  It is important to clearly communicate your goals to the family so they understand what you are trying to accomplish.  Asking for your family’s help and support gives them an opportunity to be part of your goal and help you establish an appropriate balance between training and family life.  Children mimic our actions and habits, good and bad. Showing your children how to establish goals and commitments, while maintaining a proper family/training balance, will help them do the same.   

Work is never difficult to manage, right? We all know that’s a joke! It’s so easy to allow work to consume our lives.  However, if you’ve clearly identified your goals and commitments, it is easier to create boundaries around your time and become more efficient throughout the work day.  How many of you are able to accomplish Herculean amounts of work prior to leaving on vacation? We all experience heightened amounts of productivity when we have a deadline.  Through the process of defining your goals, you are creating an action plan that contains clear deadlines that can be used to help you become more efficient and productive.

The staff at Playtri is available to help you identify your athletic goals and commitments. Contact Coach Beth today! You can call (214-370-9010) or email ( to schedule an appointment.  We would love to help you start 2016 with a game plan for success!

A Slice of Sexy

Cannondale Slice 105

MSRP: $1949

When I first saw the price of this bike, I was shocked.  I had to double check the price. You would too because when you first see this bike, the integration and technology far exceeds any entry level triathlon bike on the market.

Let's start with the frame and fork. This bike is very comfortable and responds with the slightest push on the pedals.  The frame mold Cannondale uses is the exact same throughout the entire Slice line. The only difference in the line is the carbon used on their highest end frames. Frames come in sizes 44 to 60cm and will fit almost anyone.  The frame/fork combo incorporates Cannondale’s SAVE technology, which dampens vibrations and allows riders of all abilities to feel confident in all conditions even at high speeds.   As far as aerodynamics go, this bike was built using the same integration and technology as Cannondale’s flag ship Hi-Mod Black edition.  This integration includes hidden rear brake, internally routed cables, and the rear wheel tucked into the frame.

Now let's look at the components. The Cannondale slice 105 comes standard with Shimano 105 components.  The trickle down technology Shimano uses guarantees these components will do whatever work you ask of them.  This bike is perfect for someone looking to get into triathlon. Further, this is not a bike you will not grow out of in the first couple months.  If and when you want to add some upgrades the frame will easily accommodate deep carbon wheels and is Di2 ready.

In summary, the Cannondale Slice 105 is a very fast bike with wind punching technology and components that can handle almost everything.  This is the perfect bike to get you going in the world of triathlon, leaving you wanting very little at a great entry-level price.

If you have further questions about the Cannondale Slice line or any other Tri bike email Coach Wes at or stop by Rockwall Cycling or a Playtri Store today and try one out!