Finding the Balance in Triathlon

Finding the Balance in Triathlon

By: Playtri Coach Morgan Davis


It's summer time! Warm weather and so much time to train... THINK AGAIN! Summer means kids are out of school, a few family vacations are sprinkled in and limited hours in the day to train without melting into the sidewalk. Training in the summer is all about balance. Don't worry, you can do it! Just follow these 4 steps to enjoy your summer, your family and your training.


1. Plan, plan and more planning

It's always best to plan one week in advance. First, start with the swim and see if and when you have access to a pool. Once you have that in place, decide where you can fit your long workouts. Planning your workouts in advance is key!! When that alarm goes off at 5am, you know you have to get up because it might be the only time you have. 


2. Invest in a bike trainer

Having a bike trainer is a game changer! You can now ride your bike in the comfort of your own house or hotel. You can ride from the comfort of your home, early in the morning and before the kids get up.  If you are on vacation and unfamiliar with the roads, this is a great alternative too! I recommend the Kinetic Road Machine or the Wahoo Kickr Snap. 


3. Train with your family and friends

Who said training kills your social life?!?! If you have a long run, have someone ride their bike next to you. My favorite long run was on the beach with my mom riding a beach cruiser next to me (I had a personal aid station and buddy for 16 miles!)  On recovery days go out on a hike or walk with friends and family.



I know this is hard to comprehend...lovely Type A triathletes that are reading this. It will be OK to miss a workout.  If you have a coach (which I highly recommend), just communicate with your coach about missing a workout. In the long run (literally), one missed workout will not make or break your race.