How to Plan Your Season and Maintain Work/Life Balance

Are you ready for a new training season?  January is the perfect time to plan your upcoming season.  Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a budding beginner, the first step is to identify your goals and commitments.  A common saying at Playtri is, “There is no such thing as a crazy goal, only crazy commitments.”  In order to thoroughly appreciate this statement, it is important to understand the difference between goals and commitments.  A goal is something you want to accomplish and a commitment refers to how much time, energy and resources you are willing to devote to accomplish your goal. Having clearly defined goals and commitments will enable you to prioritize your days in order to achieve work/life balance.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or complete an Ironman, family support will be an extremely important part of your success.  It is important to clearly communicate your goals to the family so they understand what you are trying to accomplish.  Asking for your family’s help and support gives them an opportunity to be part of your goal and help you establish an appropriate balance between training and family life.  Children mimic our actions and habits, good and bad. Showing your children how to establish goals and commitments, while maintaining a proper family/training balance, will help them do the same.   

Work is never difficult to manage, right? We all know that’s a joke! It’s so easy to allow work to consume our lives.  However, if you’ve clearly identified your goals and commitments, it is easier to create boundaries around your time and become more efficient throughout the work day.  How many of you are able to accomplish Herculean amounts of work prior to leaving on vacation? We all experience heightened amounts of productivity when we have a deadline.  Through the process of defining your goals, you are creating an action plan that contains clear deadlines that can be used to help you become more efficient and productive.

The staff at Playtri is available to help you identify your athletic goals and commitments. Contact Coach Beth today! You can call (214-370-9010) or email ( to schedule an appointment.  We would love to help you start 2016 with a game plan for success!