Shoulder Mobility & Core Strength Movements

Most endurance athletes I know have a great aerobic engine and can cycle and run for days.  However, you ask these athletes to do ONE set of 25 push ups and a vast majority of them can barely make it half way to 25, with questionable form.  Upper body strength, core strength, and shoulder mobility/strength is crucial for:

  • proper swim technique and power
  • keeping you stable on the bike during windy races, hills, etc
  • maintaining proper run form
  • daily activities at home and/or with your children
  • upper thoracic spinal alignment and health

To help you with increasing your strength and mobility I created a video with two variations of the push up that can help you increase overhead shoulder mobility and lateral strength/stabilization throughout your shoulder complex and upper back.  These movements can be modified for beginners by performing them in a kneeling position then progressing to your feet.  Your shoulder is, well, should be, the most mobile joint in your body.  It is also the most unstable, so you MUST use proper form when executing these movements to maximize the benefit and reduce the risk of injury.